Friday, 24 September 2010

some memories of St Petersburg

I got a mini Diana analogue camera, some black and white film and hoped for the best.
I especially enjoyed being able to create multiple exposures and was looking forward to see some great results.
The lady at Snappy Snaps told me they could not scan the film because 'all the photographs appear to be double exposed and there are no clear boundaries for each shot' and that my camera 'must be faulty', but I still have to pay them 5.99. Whatever.

I scanned it myself.


  1. ...,but yea the photos are cool, top two in particular.

  2. cheerz. i have some more:)
    what's YOUR developing studio of choice?
    i thought taking photos with a crappy camerah and taking them to snappysnaps was fitting each others concepts. But, 5.99, c'mon!